Offer on DIVEpoc products

1. Diving pocket belt

The diving pocket system. The product has a feature of individual configuration, dimension on demand, placing own graphics is possible. The price includes complete basic configuration (see the pictures, SMB is not part of the product, it is only used for size comparation). Eventual preparation of graphic data is subject to discussion. Graphics can be processed according to individual requirements. Delivery period is usually about one week, in case of standard size even shorter.

  • suitable for transport of small parts of the dive gear (e.g. dive mask, tables, SMB etc.)
  • univeral solution for various types of dive suits and dive harnesses
  • no modifications of dive suits or harnesses
  • two main pockets 290 x 200 x 45 mm, two smaller inner flat pockets
  • made of Cordura
  • not suitable to be used as weight pockets

Standard sizes chart:

For seelection of the most suitable size it is necessary to measure your body with a dive suit weared, eventually with an appropriate reserve. Waist we measure over a navel, thigh in its mmidddle. In case of any discrepancy concerning to the selection of a most suitable size, don't hesitate to contact us. In case of an atypic body we make the belts bespoke.

Waist circumference 60 - 80 cm 75 - 95 cm 90 - 110 cm 105 - 125 cm
Thigh circumference 35 - 50 cm 45 - 60 cm 55 - 70 cm 65 - 80 cm


2.290,- Kč / 83,- €

Additional charges:

knitting of an individual graphics costs from 1,5€ till 4,-€ per 1 decal. The price depends mainly on the decal size. Preparation of the graphics is subject to previous discussion.

Payment and delivery charges:

For foreign customers, out of the Czech republic, see the delivery charges bellow. We prefer advance payment, wire transfer.

AREA / WEIGHT < 3 kg < 10 kg
Slovakia 8,00 € 9,60 €
PL, AT, DE, HU, RO, SI, SW 13,60 € 15,20 €
other EU countries 19,60 € 21,20 €


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